New or Redevelopments in Jabiru

Photo credit Peter Keepence Photography.

Where a sub-lease is being sought for a new development, or an existing sub-lessee if seeking consent for redevelopment, you are encouraged to reach out to GACJT at an early stage of planning to engage with the Traditional Owners and obtain an In-Principle agreement to proceed. This can be done by completing a GACJT Preliminary Development and Works Proposal Meeting Request Form.

Note that all proponents of developments in Jabiru must comply with the ‘Jabiru Masterplan Development Management Framework’, which includes the Cultural Heritage Management Protocols for Jabiru.

Jabiru town is located within the World Heritage listed Kakadu National Park and is subject to special environmental protection requirements under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (Cth) 1999. Developers are required to engage in environmentally sustainable development including conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, conservation of biodiversity and cultural heritage sites and disaster risk reduction planning. All development works in Jabiru will need to obtain the relevant environmental approvals prior to commencement.

For further information please download the documents below:

Environmental Impact Assessment and Approval Timelines

Step-by-step guide to the Department of Climate Change, Energy and the Environment and Water’s assessment process under the EPBC Act

NT EPA Environmental Impact Assessment