Sub-Lease Application

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The Jabiru township lease area is currently subdivided into 584 lots including Lot 2353 (“the overarching town lot” which comprises all land not otherwise subdivided for a defined purpose) which makes up the Jabiru township. A map of the township lease area can be viewed on the Northern Territory Government website here: Jabiru Planning Scheme – Document 2 – Zoning map.

As the sub-lessee to the s19A Township Lease over the Jabiru township, GACJT has the sole power to grant and manage sub-leases, licences and other rights to occupy within the Jabiru township lease area.

Any entity or individual seeking a sub-lease, licence or other right to occupy within the Jabiru township area must complete a Sub-Lease Request Form available here.

Completed forms should be emailed to

You are strongly encouraged to read the following policies prior to completing the Sub-Lease Request Form:

Entities seeking residential sub-leases as an Approved Managing Entity must completed an AME Form in addition to the Sub-Lease Request Form. The AME form is available here.

Proposed Sub-Lease Payments and Length

If GACJT decides to offer your organisation a sub-lease, the in-principle proposed sub-lease payments and length are likely to be in this form: In-Principle Sub-Lease Payments and Length.

GACJT encourages any individual or entity seeking a sub-lease in Jabiru to reach out to GACJT at an early stage of planning to engage with the Traditional Owners and ensure consistency to the Jabiru Masterplan and Vision.