The Board met for the thirty first time on the 4th of May 2023. A majority of the Board members attended, assisted by CEO Dr Emma Young, Governance and Leasing Officer Jessica Wright and interpreter Dr Murray Garde. Eilish Moloney and Emmanuelle Clarke from Power and Water Corporation (PWC) attended to discuss PWC’s mural program and sought GACJT’s consent to paint specific PWC infrastructure with a local image, samples of which were shown to Board members. Subject to the views of the broader Mirarr group in the Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation, the Board agreed to the new PWC image.  Brad Welsh and Richard Prest from ERA also attended to discuss a proposed extension of the existing workers camp.  There was discussion of the proposal in light of the requirements of the Jabiru Masterplan Development Management Framework.  The Board asked the ERA representatives to come back to it with further details, including consideration of alternate sites. The Board also considered and approved the Design Guidelines Material List and Colour Palette for Jabiru, compliance with which will be a requirement of all subleases. 

Photo credit Peter Keepence Photography.