The Board met for the twenty fifth time on the 7th of July 2022 at Jabiru. 

All of the Board members attended, assisted by CEO Dr Emma Young, Governance and Leasing Officer Jessica Wright and interpreter Dr Murray Garde. 

The meeting began with a short presentation from the Power and Water Corporation (PWC), which sought approval for its proposal to turn a number of its power boxes into artworks.  The Board agreed that a broader group of Mirarr should have input into the proposed artworks.  

The Board then heard from Sandra Schmidt and David Boustead from the NTG, who spoke on ‘Priority Projects Jabiru and Kakadu’. The Board thanked the NTG representatives for their presentation and resolved to write to the NTG with a number of items of feedback. Most of the remainder of the meeting was spent discussing and approving numerous requests for subleases, including to JKL and to Parks Australia.

Photo credit Peter Keepence Photography.