The Board met for the twenty seventh time on the 20th of September 2022 at Jabiru. All of the Board members attended, assisted by CEO Dr Emma Young, Governance and Leasing Officer Jessica Wright and interpreter Dr Murray Garde. 

The meeting began with a presentation from Sandra Schmidt and other NTG representatives on the new Health Clinic.  The Board approved the final design of the clinic, again supported the NTG’s application for a subdivision, and agreed to a short term lease so work could commence while the drafting of long-term subleases for the rest of the NTG’s properties in Jabiru was finalised. 

The Board then met with Anastacia Ampt from the National Indigenous Australians Agency, who spoke about the work that the NIAA was undertaking in the region and the likelihood that staff would be located in Jabiru.  The Board expressed its support for the NIAA having a permanent presence in Jabiru.

The Board had a useful discussion with the Chair, CEO and a Board member of Warnbi Aboriginal Corporation concerning the corporation’s expired subleases from the Jabiru Town Development Authority.  

The Board approved the issuing of subleases to JKL and BAI Communications Ltd.

The Board then listened to a presentation from a representative of Aurora Kakadu Lodge concerning some proposed additional cabins for its site.  The Board welcomed a proposal for new lower coast tourist accommodation in Jabiru, but noted that the design was inconsistent with the Jabiru Masterplan Development Management Framework and the Design Guidelines.  The Board invited Aurora to come back with a modified design.

Photo credit Peter Keepence Photography.