How Housing is
Allocated in Jabiru

Photo credit Peter Keepence Photography.

There is very high demand for housing in Jabiru. GACJT has decided that the most efficient method of allocating housing is to only offer residential subleases to those organisations which intend to sub-lease twenty or more houses in Jabiru. These organisations must apply to be an Approved Managing Entity (AME) and can only use allocated housing for permanent staff accommodation.

Entities or individuals who are not large organisations but would still like to rent housing in Jabiru are encouraged to approach Jabiru Kabolkmakmen Ltd (JKL). JKL has been recognised by GACJT as the New Housing Entity and allocates housing in accordance with GACJT’s Access to Rental Housing in Jabiru Charter. JKL also manages fully furnished transit accommodation in Jabiru for short-term contactor or non-Jabiru based employee accommodation needs.

Apply to be an AME: AME Request Form and Sub-Lease Request Form.

Apply for rental accommodation through JKL: Tenancy Application Form

Apply for Transit Accommodation: contact JKL at or on (08) 8979 3203.