The Board had its twenty fourth meeting on the 21st of June 2022 at Jabiru. 

All of the Board members attended, assisted by CEO Dr Emma Young, Governance and Leasing Officer Jessica Wright and interpreter Dr Murray Garde. 

While the Board was keen to move as many of the current licensees of land onto subleases as soon as possible, this could not be achieved before the 30th of June.  The Board agreed to extend all existing license holders, on the same terms and conditions, to 31 December 2022. The Board also agreed to a Charter for Rental Housing in Jabiru, to guide JKL’s decision-making in allocating the scarce rental housing.  

The Board also approved a new Sub-Lease Applications and Approval Policy, to be placed on the GACJT website. Following a presentation, it went on to approve the Jabiru Masterplan Development Management Framework.  The Board agreed to ERA’s request to use part of the old Jabiru Sports and Social Club premises on a short-term basis for use as offices and as a meeting place. It also approved GACJT’s Operational Budget for the 22/23FY.

Photo credit Peter Keepence Photography.